What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry Cleaning is a complex multi-step process used to clean clothes that cannot be washed. Dry Cleaning is not actually "Dry" but your clothes are cleaned with a solvent that is not water, which is why it is called dry cleaning.

The Process

When you first drop off your clothes, they are inspected and counted. Each piece is marked with its own unique tag as to make sure your clothes are not given to anyone else.

After this step, clothes are sorted by dark, light, and red colors to prevent mixing of color.

Next, clothes are added to the dry cleaning machine. This machine cleans your clothes with a solvent, in our cleaners this is hydro-carbon. It cleans your clothes in the same way as a traditional washing machine except instead of water, hydro-carbon is used.

Once the clothes come out, they are sent to the pressing machines to be ironed or steamed to remove creases.

After this the clothes are sorted in order to put all the clothes back together by order and then they are bagged and ready for you to pick up!